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Do you oversee multiple properties or just a single location? Perhaps you’re overseeing the construction of new homes or classified as a Resident Management Company (RMC) or Right to Manage Company (RTM). Whatever your status, if you’re looking for professional, affordable residential property management services, call SPL Property Management LLP today on 01202 555560. 

Your Residential Property Management Experts 

Here at SPL Property Management LLP, we work alongside clients who own properties of all shapes and sizes. We provide property management services that are carefully tailored to both the needs and budgets of our clientele. Our team work tirelessly to establish productive working relationships, ensuring that your needs always come first.  

We can assist a variety of clients, from freeholders to RTCs and RTMs. With the help of our hard-working, highly trained, and experienced property management team, you can rest assured your needs will be met. 

What Do Our Residential Property Management Services Include? 

Our bespoke residential property management services are varied, and we’ll provide the right services, depending on your circumstances. We work with freeholders, developers, RTMs, and RTCs, and our team can handle all property maintenance requirements too. 

We can provide a range of residential property management services. These range from dealing with insurances, legal notices, breaches of lease, etc., to reviewing draft leases from a practical perspective and managing properties in accordance with the direction provided by RMCs and RTMs. 

SPL Property Management

The Best Residential Property Management Services Available  

We’re proud to offer the best residential property management services available. Regardless of your situation, you’ll find that a service provided by us will always be tailored to your specific requirements. You can learn a little more below about how we can assist with the maintenance requirements of residential lettings property management. And you can also find out what we can do for freeholders and developers. 

SPL Property Management

Residential Lettings Property Management  

Our property maintenance services are an invaluable asset, especially for those with portfolios consisting of multiple properties. You likely won’t have the time or energy to manage such a large number of properties, so by all means, leave the maintenance considerations to us. Our team is well-equipped to provide a wide range of services, such as: 

  • Gutter Cleaning 
  • Steam Cleaning 
  • Waste Clearance 
  • Emergency Works 
  • CDM Compliance 
  • And More 

Regular maintenance contracts are available, which includes other routine tasks, such as cleaning, gardening, window cleaning, bin store cleans, rubbish removal, general repairs, and more. 

Working with Freeholders and Developers  

For instance, for freeholders, we can assist in the management of portfolios, regardless of how many properties are involved. We work with established National Freehold Companies, providing reporting services and more. 

Another example is the services we provide for developers. Our company director has years of experience of building properties from the ground up. We assist property developers in all aspects of managing new build properties and can effectively manage the balance of responsibilities. Our involvement provides buyers with much-needed assurances that the property is well managed. 

SPL Property Management
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What Else Can We Do for You?   

As mentioned above, we also work with Resident Management Companies (RMCs) and Right to Manage Companies (RTCs). These comprise a significant portion of our clientele, and we ensure their wishes are carried out in full. We also ensure full compliance with legislation and best practice and can assist in financial matters, thanks to our dedicated in-house accounts team. 

Our specialist property management accounting software enables us to readily track and report all income and expenditure for your service charges. We can also assist with accounts, bank accounts, budgeting, ground rent collection, arrears collection, and more. 

Plus, our team can assist with a wealth of other services, such as: 

  • Insurance 
  • Health and Safety 
  • Legal 
  • Major Works and Section 20 Consultation 
  • General (Data Protection, Inspections, Communication, Maintenance Works, Out of Hours, etc.) 


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Many clients continue to benefit from our outstanding property management services. If you’d like to read some of their kind words, click on our testimonials page. 

SPL provide a high quality Customer Focused Service whose Company Values of being flexible, agile and responsive with a service offering tailored to Customer needs sets them apart. These values represent what our Management Company look for in a 21st Century Managing Agent who embrace the benefits of technology to continually improve their service offering. Their in-house maintenance team is just one example of how they deliver on their commitments and Company values. SPL Property Management provide innovative solutions to meet their Clients needs.

Efficiency and professionalism are among the trade marks of SPL property management. We have worked with several of their property managers for some time and I can offer nothing but praise for the service that they provide.

SPL provide an excellent service to their clients’ in the residential property management sector. With a wealth of leasehold knowledge and proactive approach they have my recommendation as a Managing Agent.

Why Choose Our Property Management Bournemouth Services? 

In 2009, SPL Property Management LLP was founded, and for the last 12 years, we’ve continued to go from strength to strength, becoming one of the leading property management companies. Based on the south coast, we provide a raft of property management services that are affordably priced and entirely bespoke. We’re confident that our stellar reputation and excellent track record of success ensure that you’ll most certainly wish to work with us. 

SPL Property Management

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If you’re looking for help managing a property, from freeholders to developers charged with construction new homes. Regardless of how many properties make up your portfolio, you can trust us to provide the right level of service. To learn more about residential property management services, call SPL Property Management LLP now on 01202 555560, complete our contact form or email