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If you’re in the market for first-class property management Bournemouth customers, look no further than SPL Property Management. We strive to deliver exceptional property management services tailored to the clients needs. We work alongside established national freehold companies, assisting with the management of their portfolios. If you feel that our services could be of benefit to you, call SPL Property Management LLP today on 01202 555560.  

The Number One Team for Property Management in Bournemouth 

For the best in property management services, look no further than SPL Property Management LLP. We work with owners of properties of all shapes and sizes, providing bespoke services tailored to our clients’ needs and budgets. We ensure that your needs are always put first, working side by side to establish a productive working relationship. 

From freeholders to developers, Resident Management Companies and Right to Manage Companies, we work with a diverse clientele. We have a team of hard-working, fully trained, experienced, and friendly staff committed to ensuring that your property management needs are met.  

Block Management Bournemouth 

At SPL Property Management LLP, we provide comprehensive block management, Bournemouth customers, that’s entirely bespoke and affordably priced. Regardless of the scope of your request, you can count on us to provide the best possible solution. 

Estate Management Bournemouth 

Our expertise extends to the management of an entire estate – such an undertaking can be a challenge, but with our assistance, it needn’t be a daunting task. To learn more, get in touch with SPL Property Management LLP to enquire about our estate management services. 

SPL Property Management

What Can SPL Property Management Do for You? 

When it comes to property management, we know that no two clients will have the exact same requirements, and so we don’t simply provide a “one-size-fits-all” service. As mentioned above, we work alongside a variety of clients, including: 

We work with established National Freehold Companies and have done so for many years. We assist them with managing their portfolios, providing reporting as required, ensuring absolute peace of mind. 

Our company director possesses much experience building properties from the ground up, so we are, of course, conscious of the unique needs that developers have. When it comes to new build properties, we can effectively manage the balance of responsibilities, providing new buyers with the assurances of a well-managed property. 

Much of our client base consists of RMCs and RTMs. Our team works closely with the Boards of Directors of these companies, ensuring that they are aware of their responsibilities. We also discuss the most efficient ways of ensuring these responsibilities are fulfilled and maintaining the buildings. 

Working with Freeholders and Developers 

As part of our affordable property management services, we work with freeholders closely to determine how they wish for us to work together on the management of any portfolio. This includes coordinating issues such as dealing with insurances, legal notices, breaches of lease, etc. We can offer easy reporting thanks to the cutting-edge software that we use. This allows for KPI reporting at required intervals throughout the year. 

We ensure compliance with the covenants of the Lessor under the lease, covenants that we are acutely aware of. We also remain conscious of the raft of legislation applicable to leasehold properties. And at the same time, we take care to justify any charges to leaseholders, ensuring that we’re always charging a fair price. 

For developers, we can offer a complete consultancy service from start to finish. Our experience encompasses a variety of sites, including mixed tenures between freehold, leasehold, and commercial properties. Our expertise means we can ensure that the right balance is struck. Our team are able to review draft leases, comment on future changes that might prove beneficial, and help head off any potential issues. 

We can even help put together new property packs that provide prospective buyers with as much information as possible. Our goal is to maximise the saleability of your new developments while keeping our costs fair. 

SPL Property Management
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Property Maintenance  

We have a dedicated maintenance team who can carry out a plethora of tasks, usually on one site visit. Our multi-skilled team can help in areas ranging from regular maintenance contractors to waste clearance and CDM compliance. For more information, get in touch with SPL Property Management LLP. 


If you have any questions that haven’t been covered in this article, you’ll find answers by clicking on our help page. 


We’ve provided professional management for owners of properties all throughout Bournemouth for many years now. You can read about our successes by clicking on our testimonials page. 

SPL provide a high quality Customer Focused Service whose Company Values of being flexible, agile and responsive with a service offering tailored to Customer needs sets them apart. These values represent what our Management Company look for in a 21st Century Managing Agent who embrace the benefits of technology to continually improve their service offering. Their in-house maintenance team is just one example of how they deliver on their commitments and Company values. SPL Property Management provide innovative solutions to meet their Clients needs.

Efficiency and professionalism are among the trade marks of SPL property management. We have worked with several of their property managers for some time and I can offer nothing but praise for the service that they provide.

SPL provide an excellent service to their clients’ in the residential property management sector. With a wealth of leasehold knowledge and proactive approach they have my recommendation as a Managing Agent.

Why Choose Our Property Management Bournemouth Services?  

SPL Property Management LLP was founded in 2009, and for the last 12 years, we’ve worked tirelessly to grow our reputation. We always act with our clients’ best interests in mind, finding realistic solutions while keeping our costs as competitive as possible. We’ve worked with many clients over the years, all of whom have been left satisfied, as evidenced by the testimonials we’ve received. If you’re looking for a property management company with an excellent track record and a stellar reputation, you’ve certainly come to the right place. 

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We encourage you to get in touch with SPL Property Management LLP if you’d like to discuss your circumstances in more detail. Whether you manage one or multiple properties, we can help. To get started, phone SPL Property Management LLP today on 01202 555560. Alternatively, complete our online contact form or email