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If you need professional property maintenance services, look no further than the top property maintenance company – SPL Property Management. Property maintenance is essential for keeping a property in excellent condition for as long as possible. It can be easy to neglect maintenance when time or money is short, but doing so can often lead to complicated, costlier issues down the road. 

Our property management specialists have years of experience managing a wide portfolio of properties, including rentals. We work with an array of clients and provide a suite of services that can be tailored to the client’s budget and requirements. In addition, we can oversee the maintenance requirements of a single property or a whole portfolio of properties. 

If you want to keep on top of the maintenance requirements of your properties but lack time to do so or would rather leave it to the professionals, call us now on 01202 555560

The Best Property Maintenance Company

If you own property, it always pays to have the number of a professional property maintenance company handy, especially if you own multiple properties. Any building requires regular upkeep to ensure that everything is working correctly and safely and that no issues are present. Failure to stay on top of this maintenance can result in costlier issues occurring. 

At SPL Property Management, we provide a suite of property management services, including property maintenance. We can put together a bespoke maintenance contract that takes into account all your particular requirements.   

We can schedule work quickly and efficiently thanks to the many skilled tradesmen we employ. They all come from professional trades and are trained and certified, ensuring you receive quality services, regardless of your requirements.   

Our Property Maintenance Services

At SPL Property Management, we’re proud to provide a range of property management services, including: 

  • Regular Maintenance Contracts   
  • Gutter Cleaning   
  • Steam Cleaning   
  • Additional Works   

Our expert team can undertake regular contracts as your property maintenance company. We can handle everything from cleaning and gardening to rubbish removal and general repairs. Our vehicles are fully stocked with the equipment and tools required to carry out this work, ensuring we can carry out a first-time service when you need us.   

At SPL Property Management, we offer a dedicated property and maintenance manager for each block and use state of the art software to detail all the work we carry out.   

It is important to ensure your gutters are always effectively cleaned and maintained, as blocked gutters can cause serious issues. Again, we can help with this as your company for property maintenance. We use the Sky Vac gutter vacuum system, which can reach gutters up to 72ft, and when combined with the VVTC camera we operate, we can ensure we carry out a thorough clean without missing any areas.    

The downpipes are also cleaned during this service, and we aim to identify any leaks within your guttering system and have them resolved.   

If you have walkways that get covered with algae and moss, we can help with our steam cleaning service. We use an industrial steam cleaning system to remove algae and moss from walkways and paths, returning them to their original colour and cleanliness.    

This service improves the aesthetics of your property’s exterior and provides health and safety benefits as the surface won’t be slippery.   

In addition to the management services listed above, we can also offer a range of additional works as the top property management company. Our team are all individually skilled, so they can carry out a wide range of services for our clients. For example, we have a carpenter who can build new doors for electric cupboards and bin stores. We also have a decorator who regularly stains the fences around our properties and can handle internal decoration.   

As you can see from all the above, whatever you require from us as your company for property maintenance, we can provide a handy service.

Property Maintenance Company


We’ve spoken in detail above about the excellent maintenance services provided by our property management specialists. After reading through the above information, we feel that you’ll be ready to call SPL Property Management to further discuss your property management requirements. 

But just in case you’re still on the fence, we’d like to direct you to our testimonials page. Here, you’ll find positive reviews left by past and current clients who’ve utilised SPL Property Management for their property management needs. 

SPL provide a high quality Customer Focused Service whose Company Values of being flexible, agile and responsive with a service offering tailored to Customer needs sets them apart. These values represent what our Management Company look for in a 21st Century Managing Agent who embrace the benefits of technology to continually improve their service offering. Their in-house maintenance team is just one example of how they deliver on their commitments and Company values. SPL Property Management provide innovative solutions to meet their Clients needs.

Efficiency and professionalism are among the trade marks of SPL property management. We have worked with several of their property managers for some time and I can offer nothing but praise for the service that they provide.

SPL provide an excellent service to their clients’ in the residential property management sector. With a wealth of leasehold knowledge and proactive approach they have my recommendation as a Managing Agent.

Why Choose Our Property Maintenance Services?

Here at SPL Property Management, we have many years of experience providing property management services. We’ve built up a wealth of knowledge in this time. Over the years, we have only continued to improve and expand upon the services we can offer, ensuring we can cater to the needs of all clients as the go-to property management company.   

We have gained a reputation for honesty and transparency over the years, along with good old fashioned hard work. Whenever you need a company for property maintenance, we are the only team you need to call. Our team members are skilled and qualified to handle a range of projects, so you can trust your property will be in good hands.   

Property Maintenance Company

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Property maintenance is a vital aspect of property management as it ensures the long-term use, look, and overall value of a building. Routine property management also ensures that the property remains safe and habitable. It’s something you never want to regret, as any real estate agent will tell you. And with professional property management services at your disposal, it’s not something you need to do yourself. 

Instead, you can entrust the upkeep of any properties you own to a company with an excellent track record. If you are now convinced that we at SPL Property Management are the right property management company, you need only get in touch with us today. 

You can call us today on 01202 555560 to speak to a team member directly, and we will be happy to discuss your requirements further. Alternatively, you can fill out our online form or email us at to find out more.