Over 60% signed up!

Following the introduction of our online portal we are pleased to report that over 65% of our leaseholders have signed up to use this facility. As a result June billing has been completed significantly quicker than usual and payments are being received more promptly.

Through the portal leaseholders are able to easily access that latest accounts and budget for the property and we are able to post announcements to update on any issues which may arise and keep leaseholders informed of action being taken.

The portal has resulted in time being saved in the office which allows us to then concentrate on pro-active planning for the future of the properties.  Condition reports are starting to come in and these are being turned into 5/10 year plans for each of the properties to allow effective planning of reserve funds.

If you have not yet taken advantage of the portal and wish to do so please contact our office in order that we can register you for the system.