SPL Property Management - Maintenance


We have a dedicated team of maintenance staff who can undertake a myriad of works, usually on one site visit. Our multi skilled team come from a background of professional trades and all have regular training and certification. Being directly employed by us we are in the enviable position where we are able to schedule work quickly and efficiently in order of priority. For those emergency jobs that occur we can normally direct our team to be on site within the hour. We have our own tracked, livered and fully stocked vehicles and whenever possible carry out multiple tasks on one visit. For those tasks outside of our remit or skill set we have a host of professional tradesman at the ready. We answer the telephone 24/7

Regular Maintenance Contracts

Our teams undertake regular contracts for cleaning, gardening, window cleaning, bin store cleans, rubbish removal and general repairs along with a myriad of other works at our properties. We ensure that all are vehicles are fully equipped for any works that are required and where possible we undertake all of those works on one site visit. All of our blocks have their own property and maintenance manager ,all brought together using our field management software “Jobber”. Our teams carry tablets with details of the required works detailed along with any accompanying notes. All works are time tracked and photographed when required.

Gutter Cleaning

Badly maintained gutters and downpipes cause leaks and dampness to a property and should be cleaned and repaired at least once a year. In some areas, especially when in close proximity to trees, we recommend cleaning every six months.

We use the Sky Vac gutter vacuum system which can reach gutters up to 72ft and coupled with a CCTV camera means we can carry out a thorough clean every time. Downpipes are also cleared and the operation of the guttering checked to identify and resolve any leaks which may be found. This ensures that the rainwater system is free flowing at all times and avoids future costly repairs.

Steam Cleaning

We use an industrial steam cleaning system to remove algae on paths and walkways and to bring paving slabs and brickwork back to their original colour and cleanliness. Not only does this improve any health and safety issues but also can be an effective and simple way of improving the appearance of your property.

Waste Clearance

Unfortunately waste disposal prices are ever increasing and restrictions on access to local centres to cars only has seen a huge increase in excess rubbish being left within bike and bin stores. The local authority will only take waste that is actually in the correct bin and will not take rubbish on top or around the bin. Equally they do not take old TVs, mattresses, furniture or any other kind of item so this has to be removed by us at great cost. As an example we are charged upwards of £50 to dispose of hazardous waste such as a fridge/freezer, plus the costs of waste transfer notice which is £50 per load. Mattresses and Tvs cost £20 each and then there is the time and transportation costs to take into account. All in all in is an expensive exercise and a waste of funds that are better spent on the block. So understandably we actively encourage all residents to dispose of their waste responsibly and to encourage their neighbours and tenants to do the same.

We have an upper tier waste carrier’s license so that we can safely transport and dispose of any items from our properties. Our registration number is CBDU147834.

Emergency Works

CDM Compliance

We hold Public Liability insurance in respect of any maintenance works undertaken at our properties. We have also carried out, and provided our maintenance teams with, full risk assessments for any works they may be carrying out to ensure compliance with CDM Regulations 2015. These assessments help us to mitigate any potential risks when carrying out works at a property and mean that you can be assured that works will be carried out safely and efficiently.

Other Works

In addition to regular maintenance works, we are able to carry out a huge variety of works, calling on specific skills or our individual maintenance members. Our carpenter is able to build new doors for electric cupboards and bin stores as is required and our decorator regularly stains fences around our properties and is able to undertake some internal decoration contracts also. Please contact your Property Manager should there be any works on which you may like us to consult.